It’s funny to me how differently I feel about this pregnancy compared to my last. Not symptom-wise (pretty much exactly the same as last time as far as that goes) but just the way I feel emotionally toward this next baby. I was so wishy-washy and sooo nervous when it came to deciding whether or not we would try for a second. (I wrote about it on Danielle’s blog a long time ago.) But then once I found out I was pregnant (which happened pretty much immediately after the decision had been made) all those worries went completely away.

I feel so carefree about this baby and pregnancy, I almost think I should be feeling a little guilty about it. With Vada, I was researching, planning, decorating, making stuff, worrying about every single little detail of everything. (Freaking out.) I guess it has to be that I have some experience and know what I’m getting myself into this time. Well, I know what it’s like to have one super sensitive, colicky infant, anyway. I’ve never had an infant and a three-year-old at the same time, but Vada is going to be the best big sister and mommy’s helper ever, I just know it.

Maybe she’s the one giving me the confidence this time around. She already loves her sister so much - it’s the sweetest thing ever. She can’t wait for the baby to get here, and tells everyone about how she’s going to be a “BIG SISTER!” She wants to make her a birthday cake! :) She talks about how the baby is going to be “soooo cuuuuuute” and how she wants to rock her and read her stories and make her happy and teach her everything. I love it. I can’t wait to see them both together.

Only +/- 5 weeks! ♥


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  1. May 9, 2012

    i feel the same way. such peace this go around, even though i don’t even know where this child will sleep.;) i am so glad you are just enjoying yourself and that vada is the cutest thing around. so sweet! happy +/- 5 weeks!!!

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