I start my third trimester on Friday, and oh boy can I feel it! Remember 7 weeks ago when I said I was confused because I felt a lot crazier last pregnancy? It seems I spoke too soon. I am just a huge (literally) ball of hormones/emotions. It’s like I have PMS x 1,000 for… 3 more months. I cried five days in a row last week. I keep freaking out at Greg over the most mundane things. I feel really bad about it and I really do try to control myself, but I just SNAP. In my normal, non-pregnant life, I’m so good about stopping, thinking about how I feel, and then reacting. Those things don’t happen in my close-to-third-trimester life. It’s frustrating. I feel psycho.

Greg has been working a million hours and it is making me nervous. He worked so much during Vada’s infancy that I was pretty much a single mom, alone with a colicky, always-crying baby for a year. We worked things out (obviously) but that time really took a toll on our marriage. It makes me sad just to think about it. When we decided to have this second baby, it was on terms that he wouldn’t work like that again. But I can see history starting to repeat itself and it’s freaking me out.  His business, which is always growing (thankfully!) seems to go through a bigger growth spurt every few years, and the signs are there! Working late every night… Working weekends… Coming home to shove food in his mouth and to say hi to Vada, then going back to work until the middle of the night… Coming home but then catching up on work on our home computer until late. It sucks. Hopefully this is all just part of my “nesting” phase and things will balance out at Press Press. (Cross your fingers for me, guys.)

But, in order to try to keep things positive around here… In happier “nesting” news, I bought baby her first clothing item- a cute little bunny hat from Baby Gap, which was too sweet to pass up. I also ordered some fabric to sew into crib sheets and got new curtains for her room. I’ll have to go through all of Vada’s baby clothes soon and see what else we need to get as far as onesies and things like that go. I’m excited to see all of those little summertime baby dresses again! Ruffle-butts! ♥



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  1. March 14, 2012

    If you need some company don’t forget I’m just a few minutes away :)

  2. Maeghan #
    March 14, 2012

    Ugh! I totally share your feelings on husbands who work a TON. I was spoiled w Zoe because Ian had 6 PAID weeks of paternity leave. By the time we had Milo, he had changed jobs and after 3 days at home with a 2 year old and a newborn I was left alone. I had a really hard time with it. Im glad you mentioned that you have a hard time going between having him there and not having him there. Sometimes I feel like bc Im so used to doing things on my own that when he is here, things are weird and we end up bickering. Im sure your pregnancy hormones are compounding this by a gazillion times. Sending you lots of feel-better vibes! I wish I lived closer, we could do playdates!!

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