So, Vegas just isn’t our scene. I wasn’t miserable or anything, but we just couldn’t get into it! I don’t know, I realized while we were out walking around that I probably don’t like it because I don’t really like spending money, and there’s not a lot to do except go out and spend money on things. Clarification: I like thinking about spending money, and I don’t mind spending money (even a lot of money) on quality items that will last a really long time. I feel like it was even more expensive than vacationing in Maui! Maybe not, but at least in Maui you have the clear blue ocean, gorgeous views and that delicious island air. Vegas is just… gaudy. The dry desert air was really awesome for my skin and hair, though. It’s so humid here, even when it’s not!

Our travels back from Vegas went much more smoothly than they did on our way out. Getting up at 3am wasn’t as bad since we hadn’t really adjusted to the time change yet. We had a roomy, half-full plane for our long flight to DC, and we got to watch The Big Year, which wasn’t the best movie ever, but better than nothing. I also brought a million snacks with me. I was traumatized on our way out, when our flight to Houston was late and we missed our layover. I planned to get a bite to eat during those precious 50 minutes, but since we missed that, I only had a bag of nuts to eat and I felt like I was going to die. (And I guess I’d rather die than pay eight bucks for a package of goldfish and 100 calorie cookies. SO RIDICULOUS! (This blog post is making me sound miserly, which I promise I’m not!)) So, the flights went quickly and smoothly, and the traffic from Norfolk to my parents’ house in Virginia Beach wasn’t too bad, especially for 5:00!

Vada was SO excited to see us when we got to my mom and dad’s. She said she “missed us all the time!” We only talked to her once while we were away and she started crying, so we decided it would be best if we just cut off contact until we got back. She had a ton of fun with my parents while we were gone. They went to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, my sister took her to the mall, my dad took her to visit my uncles at work and to Kids Cove at Mount Trashmore, and my mom took her to the aquarium.

The next morning, we got up at 6:30, packed up the car and started our 5 hour drive back home so Greg could get in a half day of work. It was so nice to see those Blue Ridge Mountains! We got home just in time for Vada (and me) to take a nap (which ended up being 3 hours, whoops!) Nothing feels better than sleeping in your own bed after being away for a while.

Vada and I are celebrating Leap Day by staying at home and being cozy in our PJs allllll day. It’s yucky and rainy outside, perfect for catching up on laundry and emails, and for getting back into the swing of “real life.” ♥


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  1. February 29, 2012

    you were sooo close to me (Dulles airport area) :-)

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